Easy to use

Simply add to a variety of food ingredients to create dishes for you and the whole family.


Allergen free options

All our dry marinade are allergen free and only a selective few in the sauces. (These are clearly marked on the packets )


Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

Many of our products can be used as part of a Vegetarian or Vegan diet. This includes all our dry marinades.


Re-sealable Packs

The dry marinades are in re-sealable packs. Even after opening, you have almost 9 months to find your own Reason to Season in your kitchen.


One products goes along way. 

Each Reasons to Season product you purchase has enough to marinade the equivalent of 7 large chicken breasts.


I do not like hot sauces, No problem

I stay away from creating marinades and sauce, which are a challenge to eat. You will find none of our products are extremely hot. I want you to enjoy using your taste buds, not to burn them off

Why Use Us?


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